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tip for guys: crossing your arms is sexy if you do it elbow length.

“—She asks why Fuller is picking up season three a year after season two. Fuller says that they wanted to leave ambiguous who survived the finale, and the first episode is basically the pilot for a new series just starring Mikkelsen and Gillian Anderson. And episode four will detail what happened between the finale and the season three premiere.”

 Hannibal Panel Live Blog [x] (via mikkelsenpai)

that’s why we’re making h e a d l i n e s

anonymous asked: alana bloom or bedelia du maurier?

Adventures of Gillian losing her mic down her shirt [x]

Gillian Anderson attends XF event at the Paley Center For Media in New York.


The good people of Lumos Italia have compiled Alan Rickman’s responses during his Q&A at the Giffoni Festival, July 2014. See their video here:

(Side note: I love how all the Potterheads die a little when he says “always,” then try to get him to do it again later!)